Articulated Bullethead Darters- The Naturals
There are always three moods of fish at all times; they are the aggressive fish, the neutral one and the passive fish. I want to maximize my time on the water and be able to target all three fish moods. This is where the natural looking flies have the edge over using an attractor fly like white or chartreuse which handles the aggressive fish, but is not as effective on the less aggressive one; this is where a natural colored fly comes into play.

I have expanded my family of articulated Bulletheads to address these moods.


Wherever you find threadfin, gizzard shad, herring, menhaden or any white fish in a body of water you will find predators feeding on them. The Bullethead shad will make them believe this is their next meal.

Tennessee Shad

The Tennessee Shad doesn’t just work in Tennessee. It works well where there is a lot of lighter colored baitfish. It is a good choice for waters with threadfin shad
Baby Largemouth Bass
Baby Largemouth Bass- This variation imitate the largemouth bass themselves. All bass are territorial and will defend their portion of water from unwanted guests especially against their same species. This version also passes extremely well for a dace, another food source for smallmouth bass in the rivers and streams.
Baby Smallmouth Bass
Baby Smallmouth Bass- This variation imitates the smallmouth bass. Again all bass are territorial and will defend their portion of water from unwanted guests especially against their same species. This fly is also highly effective because it can represent many small minnows found in rivers and streams
Bull Minnow
The Mummichug, better known by many as the bull minnow. Go into any bait shop near saltwater, if they sell bait they will be selling these minnows. Why, because they catch fish. This specialty Bullethead Darter will do the same thing. This comes with a stainless steel hook.
No bass, be it largemouth or smallmouth can pass up this protein. The first time I presented the fly to the Canadian smallmouth and northerns proved a great success. They sucked these flies in with great vigor, there wasn’t much doubt that a fish had eaten the offering by the full commitment on the take. The river smallmouths in the Potomac in Maryland, Susquehanna in Pennsylvania and the Shenandoah in Virginia all thought it was a giant helgramite that they wanted to kill and eat.
The bluegill a combination of orange, yellow and olive streamer hair has proven to be effective by the way the bass and chain pickerel has almost pulled the rod out of my hand trying to kill it. This is natural prey in lakes, ponds and brackish water. Try one and hold on to the rod real tight.