BONEFISH FLIES You might think this a pretty short list of bonefish flies, but these are the only flies I ever fish. I have been to Central America, Florida and all over the Caribbean and this is my arsenal.

Contact me and I will describe my complete fly arsenal in regards to the sizes for certain areas.

The Necessity
The Necessity- If you are pursuing bonefish, as the name implies, this fly is a necessary pattern to have plenty of on hand in various sizes.This is my "go to" fly. My fly box is stuffed with this fly.This might seem too big to interest bonefish, but seeing the zeal in which bonefish attack this fly is a real treat. I will always have some in my fly arsenal.
The Critter
Joe's Critter- This is another great "go to" fly when the bonefish are on shrimp. I carry a good supply of these in the larger size. This way If I need to fish deeper water I know The Critter is my deep water fly and The Necessity is my shallow water fly.