This is the saltwater series of the Bullethead Darters. They have taken tarpon, redfish, stripers, bluefish, sea trout and snooks just to mention a few.

As conserving nature wherever you can, this series of flies eliminates the use of lead wire or eyes. Although these flies are weightless, they work very well with all types of sinking lines and tips, just put more pause between strips and let the Bullethead do its thing.

Chartreuse Bullethead
The old saying... "If it ain't chartreuse it ain't no use" certainly describes this fly, but it isn't the only fly for your saltwater Bullethead arsenal.
White Bullethead
White- This is another "don't leave home without it" fly for all waters.
Black Bullethead
Black- Another Bullethead that should be part of your arsenal. Tarpon can't resist this offering
White/red Bullethead
Red & White- This combination has been around for years. There must be a reason.
LSU Bullethead  (chartreuse/purple)
LSU-Redfish just love this combo.
Shrimp/mullet ( gray/tan) Bullethead
Mullet/Shrimp- When fish are on mullet type baitfish or shrimp. This subtle gray and tan combinations is very irrestible in the water.
white/chartreuse Bullethead
White/Chartreuse- Another great combination for the salt.
Electric Chicken (chartreuse/pink)
Electric Chicken- A crazy color combination that works. One of the best for flounder, but work for all species, striped bass and speckled trout are also fond of this color.
black/orange Bullethead
Black & Orange- Tarpon find this combination irrestible
Yellow Bullethead
Yellow- When Chartreuse just doesn't seem like the right color, yellow will make the difference
Black & Purple Bullethead
Black/Purple- If your going tarpon fishing your fly box should include a few of these. This Bullethead will also light up those big redfish.