I average a hundred fishing days a year and have for decades. All these years and days fishing have taught me a lot and I have always been the type of person that liked to share my experience and knowledge with other fishermen. Fishing is always a work in progress and it can never be completely learned. I have a couple pet quotes I live by “The more I know about fishing, the less I know” and “I want to catch fish like I want to catch fish.”

My friends have said many times I should have been a teacher the way I help folks in their fishing endeavors. I did check on that and they don’t have a fishing curriculum in schools, if so, I would sign up immediately.

The best I can do is make available to fellow fishermen my thoughts and success through my website covering many species, gear, tips and techniques. All the information will come to you as a PDF for you to use, read and learn some of my thoughts and approaches and hopefully expand your success for a small fee.

Since my website is already establish and I don’t want to maintain another, I’m adding the articles to the site for $.05 this with the shipping and handling aspect of the site it will cost you $6.05 for the PDFs.

Hope my presentations will enlighten you and make you more successful and possibly show you another way to maybe solve a special fishing condition. As time goes by I will notify through Face Book when a new article is ready


THE SEVENTEEN YEAR CICADAS is coming; it is one of the best ways to catch carp in the surface. I will describe the hatch and what to use for spin, casting or flies. I will include the fly pattern and instructions for tying the same fly I have used three prior hatches and looking forward to the 2021 hatch.

FISHING FOR CHAIN PICKEREL using both spin and fly rods and important tips and techniques to up your catch rate

EXPLORING BUCK TAIL & DEER HAIR, what you need to know and my tying techniques and how I tie the Clouser Minnow, jigs and tying deer hair bugs.

SHAD FISHING, I did a booklet that is out of print, but I have the whole book in a PDF file, and it includes two of my favorite flies.

REDFISH FLY PATTERNS, again, I did a booklet that is out of print, but I have the whole book in a PDF file.

SNAKEHEAD HACKS I have chased these fish for as long as they have been in the state, after catching hundreds I have develop tips and techniques that can help new fishermen to this great sport.

HOOKS, the most piece of gear and sometimes the most ignored, I will show you how to modify hooks for better hook ups and show how to really sharpen the hook and why you should RETIE OFTEN.

QUICK SUCCESS LEADER SYSTEM- Change tippets in seconds with this time-tested system. It is based on a series of different leader butts that you can had any size tippet from 4 lbs to 40 lbs. without changing the until leader. I also will provide plans to make your own leader tying bench.