BOOKLETS With over fifty years experience fly fishing and fly tying has given me a pretty good understanding of what flies I need for a certain conditions and if feel my fly sections will do the job any where in the world. You will find saltwater, bass, panfish flies as well as my Bullethead Darter, which I fell is the best shallow water finesse fly I have ever tied or fished.

Panfish Fly patterns
PANFISH FLY PATTERNS- A collection of flies designed to catch these feisty and tasty & fish, both in fresh & saltwater.
Fly Fishing for shad
FLY FISHING FOR SHAD- This booklet looks at the two main shad pursued by the fly fisherman... the American & Hickory Shad.This booklet is filled with fishing techniques and patterns that will make you a successful shad
Smallmouth Bass Fly Patterns
SMALLMOUTH BASS FLY PATTERNS- This is one of my favorite fish species. I fished for them in every one of the Great Lakes and some of the largest smallmouth rivers in the United States. This booklet will describe my best smallie patterns to pursue these great gamefish.
Fly Fishing for chain Pickerel
FLY FISHING FOR CHAIN PICKEREL- This one is my favorite fish to pursue in the colder months along the Atlantic Coast's brackish and freshwaters. These are the wolves of their domain. This booklet describe where and how to catch them and a couple of patterns that will turn these guys on.
Redfish Fly patterns
REDFISH FLY PATTERNS- This booklet contains all the flies I have ever thrown to redfish as well as speckled trout in the marshes from the East Coast to Texas. A must book for the fly fisherman tackling these bruisers of the marsh.
Saltwater Fly Patterns I
SALTWATER FLY PATTERNS I- I have two booklets in this series and with both they contain every fly pattern that I use in the salt around the world. You will find through the years that these will be the only patterns you need to be successful in the salt. They are sold separately, but you will want both copies for your arsenal.
Saltwater Fly Patterns II
SALTWATER FLY PATTERNS II- More of my time tested patterns for the salt.
Bonefish Fly Patterns
BONEFISH FLY PATTERNS- This booklet contains all the patterns I use for bonefish around the world. I fish for bones four to five times a year and never once have I needed another fly to catch these speedsters of the flats. A must for the bone fisherman with the fly rod.
Chasing the Bonefish & Unraving Some Bonefish Myths
CHASING THE BONEFISH AND UNRAVELING SOME BONEFISH MYTHS- Much has been written about bonefish and some of it would surely scare a newcomer wanting to try for this great gamefish. This booklet will help take away some of these beliefs. All that is written isn't always true. Find out what you need to know about catching this speedster.
Fishing and Tying the Bullethead Darter
FISHING AND TYING THE BULLETHEAD DARTER- I have fell in love with this fly. Since it's inception, It has taken 32 different species of fish. This is my "go to" fly when I'm fishing to neutral or non-aggressive fish. This booklet contains all the patterns for both fresh & saltwater species from panfish to tarpon. It also discusses the best way to fish it and rig the tackle to get the most out of this fly.
NEW Tying the Articulated Bullethead Darter
After the great success with this new version of my Bullethead Darter, I want to make it available to other tiers out there. For those that have used my standard Bullethead will be amazed at the action of the articulated version. A must for big fish; now you can produce that longer and larger profile fly that will turn on the big guys.

This 24 page booklet describes how to tie single, double connectors, trailer hooks and the main hook in the rear for toothy fish as well as how to fish them.