Freshwater Bulletheads
THE FRESHWATER version of the Bullethead with some added combinations for the rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.

Chartreuse Bullethead
Chartreuse- The Freshwater version. In larger size it makes a great pike fly.
White Bullethead
Black Bullethead
white/red Bullethead
Purple/black Bullethead
Purple/Black- Another great pike fly in the larger size
Yellow Bullethead
Yellow has always been a main stay for largemouth and smallmouth bass and the pike family of fish love them too. I am never without a bunch of these when I'm out after bass or pike.
Classic: Mickey Finn
The classic Mickey Finn, know wonder this fly has stood the test of time, it's made up of some of the very best colors for bass...yellow & red.
Shad/Herring- Wherever you find threadfin, gizzard shad or any white fish in a body of water, you will find predator fish feeding on them. The Bullethead Shad will give them this opportunity.