SALTWATER FLIES Our saltwater selection will handle all inshore, offshore and bluewater species. You will find throughout, most of my fly patterns use a fire-orange thread head. This little touch really gives the predatory fish a visible target and that adds up to greater success on the water. You will also note that vast majority of my saltwater flies and some freshwater version carry a epoxy head for durability.

The Fisherman's  Edge Deceiver
Lefty Deceivers- In saltwater fishing, the best-known mid-water fly is the Lefty's Deceiver. This combination of feathers and bucktail is often the first choice of experienced fly fishermen. The Deceiver is a style of tying rather than a specific fly pattern. One that has been very successful is The Fisherman's Edge's (my old shop name) version of the Lefty's Deceiver. This version carries a combination of white, pink and dark blue bucktail wings.
Bruce's Clouser Minnow
The Fisherman's Edge version of the Clouser is tied a bit different from the original for a purpose. The F.E. version is tied with all of the bucktail on the same side of the hook shank. This is especially important when fishing for fish like bluefish or barracuda in the salt or members of the pike family
Half & Half
The Half & Half- This is a fly which combines two of the most popular saltwater flies in the world -- Clouser's Deep Minnow and Lefty's Deceiver. It is not a new fly, but represents a tying style rather than a particular pattern.
The FE Assassin
The FE Assassin- This is a "finesse" fly. Tied with extremely thin saddle hackles and only a1/50 oz. lead eye it averages between 6 to 7", but I have tied it to 10 to 12";Big fish can't leave it alone with it's "walk-the-dog" and slow undulating fall.
Bruce's Crab Colored Clouser
Bruce's Crab Colored Clouser- . This is one of my "go to" patterns and has accounted for many sizable fish over the years. Stripers and redfish just love them.
The Bull Minner
Bull Minner- Another variation of the Clouser Minnow is my “Bull Minner.” The improper grammar in the name of this fly is the result of a cherished memory of an old guide friend from Currituck, North Carolina. He has long ago passed over to better fishing grounds, but I remember him well. The way that he always called minnows of any kind “minners” is dear to me and I enjoy honoring him in a small way with this pattern.
The Redbone Crust
The Redbone Crust- There are also certain patterns that are versatile enough as they are to catch a number of different species without any further modification. I believe the natural coloration of the fur and tinsels suggest a crab, crawfish or shrimp, hence the name crust, as an abbreviation for crustacean. This is one of my "GO TO" flies for redfish.
Cactus Striper
Another pattern that will bring the "Big-uns"; to your fly is the Cactus Striper.
Bruce's Crystal Shrimp
Bruce's Crystal Shrimp is a very effective imitation of the saltwater shrimp found around pilings and underwater structure. Works well on bonefish too.
Crawfish Clouser
Crawfish Clouser- This is like peanut butter & jelly or ice cream with chocolate syrup to both largemouth & smallmouth bass. I tie this Clouser on a 2/0 stainless steel hook because I found it was also a great fly for redfish in the Louisiana marshes.