SALTWATER FLIES Our saltwater selection will handle all inshore, offshore and bluewater species. You will find throughout, most of my fly patterns use a fire-orange thread head. This little touch really gives the predatory fish a visible target and that adds up to greater success on the water. You will also note that vast majority of my saltwater flies and some freshwater version carry a epoxy head for durability.

Bruce's Crab Colored Clouser
Bruce's Crab Colored Clouser- . This is one of my "go to" patterns and has accounted for many sizable fish over the years. Stripers and redfish just love them.
The Bull Minner
Bull Minner- Another variation of the Clouser Minnow is my “Bull Minner.” The improper grammar in the name of this fly is the result of a cherished memory of an old guide friend from Currituck, North Carolina. He has long ago passed over to better fishing grounds, but I remember him well. The way that he always called minnows of any kind “minners” is dear to me and I enjoy honoring him in a small way with this pattern.
The Redbone Crust
The Redbone Crust- There are also certain patterns that are versatile enough as they are to catch a number of different species without any further modification. I believe the natural coloration of the fur and tinsels suggest a crab, crawfish or shrimp, hence the name crust, as an abbreviation for crustacean. This is one of my "GO TO" flies for redfish.
Bruce's Crystal Shrimp
Bruce's Crystal Shrimp is a very effective imitation of the saltwater shrimp found around pilings and underwater structure. Works well on bonefish too.
Crawfish Clouser
Crawfish Clouser- This is like peanut butter & jelly or ice cream with chocolate syrup to both largemouth & smallmouth bass. I tie this Clouser on a 2/0 stainless steel hook because I found it was also a great fly for redfish in the Louisiana marshes.