THE BULLETHEAD DARTER- THE COMPLETE ARSENAL The best finesse fly I ever tied  or fished.
Having owned a fly shop for fifteen years (The Fisherman's Edge in Baltimore, Maryland) and fly fishing for a half of century it is hard to get me excited about a new fly pattern, but this variation on a old tying style has convinced me that this is the best shallow water fly for non-aggressive fish as well as the aggressive ones. You will fall in love with it's subtle enticing movement in the water. It is equivalent to the Bass Assassin or the Fin S baits used in the spin or casting world. As the saying goes...Never leave home without them.

This is the complete series. If you are looking for the right Bullethead for a species also look in the Sections for either fresh, saltwater or panfish Bulletheads.

Although they can be fished in the shallowest of water, a sinking line can get them down also.

The following assortment are tied on stainless steel hooks for the salt, but you can use them wherever you like. The Fly Fishing Police won't arrest you!!!

Freshwater Bulletheads
THE FRESHWATER version of the Bullethead with some added combinations for the rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.
Fresh & Saltwater Panfish
SALT & FRESHWATER PANFISH- Not all the fish in the sea are big. By scaling down the weight of you fly rod with these scaled down versions of their larger cousins you can have a ball catching panfish.
This is the saltwater series of the Bullethead Darters. They have taken tarpon, redfish, stripers, bluefish, sea trout and snooks just to mention a few.

As conserving nature wherever you can, this series of flies eliminates the use of lead wire or eyes. Although these flies are weightless, they work very well with all types of sinking lines and tips, just put more pause between strips and let the Bullethead do its thing.
The freshwater series for largemouth and smallmouth bass, pickerel, pike or any freshwater predator.

SPECIAL: All the flies in this series are available weedless.

The chartreuse, white, black and purple/back are available in #3/0 and also weedless for northern pike and largemouth bass when the bass want a bigger meal.
If you think my original Bullethead had a lot of animation, you should see these in the water. Here is another fly pattern that has gone in and out of favor over the years, well, now it is hot again! This is an easy way to develop a large and long fly profile for the larger predators out there. It can be used for many species besides pike and bull reds (redfish over 28 inches), bass, chain pickerel and large denizens of the salt certainly would like to make it their next meal.
The New Articulated Crystal Bugger- This is an update of my original crystal bugger with the addition of articulated segments. It is unweighted with plastic eye for a target, the fly can be fished in the shallowest of water. All 2/0 articulated crystal buggers are tied on stainless steel hooks; the 1/0 are bronzed freshwater hooks.